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Decisions of the Board of Directors’ Meeting held on 28th March 2017
Mar 28, 2017 - 07:36PM Company : MUSCAT FINANCE

After Compliments,

After the Annual General Meeting, a Board Meeting was held at the CMA Meeting Hall and the following decisions were taken:

1.     Elected Mr. Faisal Mohamed Al Yousef as the Chairman of the Board

2.     Elected Mr. Pramod Kumar Hiran as the Deputy Chairman of the Board

3.     The Sub-Committees of the Board were reconstituted as below:


Name of Director

Position in Board

Sub-Committee membership

Mr. Faisal Mohamed Al Yousef


Chairman of Executive Nomination and Remuneration Committee (ENRC)

Mr. Pramod Kumar Hiran

Deputy Chairman

Member of ENRC

Mr. Abdul Amir Saied Mohammed


Chairman of Audit Committee (AC)

Mr. Sameer Kumar


Chairman of Risk Management Committee (RMC)

Mr. Babu P. Thomas


Member of ENRC, RMC & Permanent Invitee in AC

Mr. Gamal Mohamed Mohamed Ahmed Abdalla


Member of ENRC

Mr. Chandrahasan Thozhukkat *


Member of AC & RMC

Mr. Yousef Al Yousef


Member of AC & RMC

 * subject to approval of the appointment by the Central Bank of Oman.

Best Regards

Bikramjit Singh Rishi

Chief Executive Officer