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Feb 06, 2018 - 01:46PM Company : NAT. PHARMACEUTICAL IND.

The Board of Directors National Pharmaceutical Industry Co (SAOG) is pleased to invite the Company’s shareholders to attend  the company’s Ordinary Annual General Meetings,  to be held at 3  PM, on Wednesday  ,  22nd  February 2018  at Business hall at  CMA  to discuss the following agenda:


  1. To consider and approve the Board of Directors’ report for the financial year ended on 31/12/ 2017.


2.To consider and Approval of the Board of Directors performance report for the financial year ended on 31/12/2017. 


3.To consider and approve the corporate governance report for the financial year ended on 31/12/ 2017.

4.To consider the Auditors’ Report and to approve the Financial Statements Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Account, for the financial year ended on 31/12/ 2017.


5.To consider and approve the proposed final cash dividend to Shareholders, as per the date of the meeting, in the rate of (5%) of the company’s capital of per share (5 baizas for each share) for the financial year ended on 31/12/ 2017.


6.To approve the sitting fees of the Board meetings paid to the Board of Director’s members for previous financial year ended 31/12/ 2017, and to determine the sitting fees for the next fiscal year ending on  31/12/ 2018 .


7.To consider and approve the transactions the company will enter into with related parties during the financial year ending on 31/12/2018 .


8.To consider the amounts allocated and spent for the company’s social responsibilities for the year ended on 31/12/ 2017. 


9.To consider and approve an amount of RO 5000 for Corporate Social Responsibility programs, for the year ending on 31/12/ 2018 which shall be used out of the 2018 profit .


10.To approve the criteria for measuring the performance of the Board of Directors for the financial year ending 31/12/2018 .


11.To appoint an independent entity to evaluate the performance of the Board of directors for the fiscal year ending on 31/12/2018, and to approve their fees.


12.The appointment of the Auditors for the Company for the financial year ending 31/12/ 2018. and approve their fees


Accordance with the Company’s Articles of Association, any shareholder is entitle to authorize in writing any other person to attend the meeting and vote on its  decisions on his behalf, provided the authorization is made from the authorization card attached to the invitation. Natural persons should attach ID (for adults) or a copy of the passport (for ladies and minors) or residence card and passport for non-Omanis. For juristic persons, the authorization should be signed by any authorized signatory. The authorization form should carry the stamp of the company and include a copy of the commercial registration of the company and specimen of the authorized signature


Shareholders are requested to arrive about half an hour before the scheduled meeting time.


For further information please contact Mr. Vinod Hari Pillai, on phone No (968)24449070.